All Natural. Sustainable. Beautiful.

The waters of Eastern Long Island provide the ideal home to grow amazing oysters. The eastern Peconic Bay, where Race Rock oysters grow, has the influence of unusually strong fresh water currents that combine with the bay's salty depths. This creates our clean, briny and unique oyster. Our waters really set us apart.

Race Rock Oysters is a labor of love for Phil Mastrangelo. It certainly isn’t easy work cultivating, selling, and delivering the oysters by hand every week, but for Phil it is worth it. “I love telling people about the water in the eastern Peconic Bay. The pristine, clear water of this area is becoming recognized as a distinct oyster appellation. I believe that we have entered the renaissance of fresh, natural, sustainable and healthy foods and our oysters are the embodiment of just that.”

Race Rock Oysters are started from hand picked seed. As the oysters grow, they are continuously tumbled and sorted until maturity . When the oyster reaches it's prime, it is taken from the water, bagged, put on ice and delivered to the customer the same day. Race Rock oysters are always fresh. We believe superior attention to detail produces superior oysters.